DIVISIONS AND SECTIONS Over 40 years of experience behind a LAIEX, the company has introduced and established in different sectors derived from water based polymers manufactured at its facility in Valencia. Establishing their product lines and service in four divisions, aiming to adjust in each, to the needs and market requirements.

DIVISION I (AUTOMOBILE AND SHOES): Innovation, technological requirements and R & D + i continued.

DIVISION II (Textile & Leather): Confidence, consistency, experience, sector consolidation and customized products.

DIVISION III (PAINTS, CONSTRUCTION AND ASPHALT): Commitment to the environment, dynamism, quality, stability and experience as a partner.

DIVISION IV (DECALS AND STICKERS): High solids, fines and demanding quality services.

oficina-tecnica-laiexLAIEX has two production plants, one of polymerization and other compounds or products to measure; in this way, to conform to the machinery and the production processes of each national and international client, obtaining the most out of them. DIVISION III: With special emphasis on our Division III, the subject of this publication TECHNOLOGIES, LAIEX works closely with customers to meet their needs, developed in his laboratory R & D at its applications lab studies to replace the solvent based on water-based emulsions emulsions, using emulsions with nanoparticles, emulsions, high solids emulsions adhesion promoters, resistance to UV, with stability to calcium ions and alkali cement, reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs ), and applying techniques with functional monomers among other industria-pintura-laiexdevelopments. The current market demands require that our technicians receive ongoing training to address the issues that confront us daily. The consolidation and continued growth LAIEX the last decade, largely due to the close relationship maintained with technology centers where trials are conducted in our laboratories are verified, reinforcing, in the most effective manner advice and collaboration LAIEX offers our customers, also strengthening the relations between our technical department and the technical department of our clients. LAIEX also working on the development of production processes, thereby achieving increased efficiency of their facilities, allowing you to perform complex polymerizations that result in improved specifications of our products. industry-painting-laiexDIVISIÓN III: PAINTINGS LAIEX in his DIVISION III, has an extensive catalog of aqueous emulsions for paints based on many years of experience in this sector. This range includes products formulated facings, waterproofing coatings, plasters, interior paints, primers antioxidants, slurrys for bike lanes, sports courts coatings, gloss paints, enamels, varnishes, etc … The team of LAIEX takes years dedicated to research and development in the field of paintings, considering the double decorative and protective functionality thereof, to obtain products with the best performance, while environmentally friendly. Painting sector includes among others a wide range of acrylic-styrene emulsions nature among which we can highlight the LAICRIL P-1453. It is an emulsion with a long tradition in the market, designed for formulating interior and exterior matt paints, coatings for sports courts, and others. Another product highlight within the so-called Styrene acrylic emulsions “hard” is the LAICRIL P-1458; This emulsion is the result of several years of research in conjunction with technological institutes to obtain a polymer, to formulate high PVC paints, they achieve excellent results wet scrub resistance compared to other emulsions of this type. Styrene acrylic group “soft” highlight our flagship product LAICRIL P-1201. It is an emulsion specially designed to make elastic waterproofing roof coverings and terraces. Among its main features include low water absorption of the polymer film, minimal residual tack and excellent strength properties, both thermal aging and UV radiation; On the other hand, must also review the high shear strength of the product. In the range of emulsions of vinyl veova nature, highlights the LAIVIL P-3061 and most interesting of the same product, because of its excellent brightness / washability, which allows us to formulate both exterior paints and interior, very good performance in the application. Finally, if we focus on the acrylic emulsions, will highlight two products from our catalog, LAICRIL P-1575 and P-1580 LAICRIL. Both are designed to make coatings of white facades or full tones, with excellent resistance to weathering and good adhesion on industria-construccion-laiexcementitious surfaces. The P-1575 LAICRIL noted for its good properties of wet scrub resistance, while the P-1580 LAICRIL characterized by elasticity and low residual tack. One of the current challenges in this section of acrylic, is the development of emulsions size smaller and smaller particles. industry-construction-laiexDIVISIÓN investigacion-desarrollo-innovacion-laiexIII: Also CONSTRUCTION DIVISION III inside, LAIEX out as specialized reference and has a wide range of products for the construction industry. In this set products suitable for applications such as bridges connecting flexible mortars, coatings for printed flooring, anti-efflorescence varnish for concrete surfaces, ceramic tile adhesives, and others are included. Inside this catalog, include the emulsion LAICRIL C-1302, used to make bridges between old mortar and fresh mortar with excellent tensile adhesion properties. Also point out the acrylic emulsion LAICRIL C-1791, designed to formulate coatings that prevent efflorescence on cementitious surfaces, and LAICRIL C-1430, a product aimed at developing coatings for decorative paving with excellent weather resistance. DIVISION III: The ASPHALT DIVISION III is completed by the asphalt industry. In this sector, LAIEX participates as Europe’s largest producer of styrene butadiene latex cation. These latexes, such as CA-732 LAITEX / CO, are used to improve the mechanical properties and adhesion cationic asphalt emulsion for high-performance road. In this sector of the anionic latexes asphalt for asphalt emulsions aditivar anionic, used in waterproofing basements, foundations and medians are also included. SERVICE TECHNICIAN The presence of LAIEX in the above four divisions, is due to the significant investment in its facilities and in close collaboration and joint development with customers. LAIEX belongs to a Technical Unit consists of leading companies in the field of polymerization in different countries and continents, thus adding research and development in various technological developments that occur in the wide variation of raw materials needed for our products, making a emphasis on the development and utilization of reactive monomers. These studies allow us to polymerize with higher performance, and performing a continuous improvement in our manufacturing processes, which are reflected in the emulsions that consume our customers, being able to reduce VOCs between 40 and 80% depending on the emulsion and providing better chemical properties. In our application laboratories, doctors and technicians that form are fully available to our customers, since the driven Management LAIEX, politics is a close collaboration with the goal of getting into the formulations of our customers and processes, increasing ecologia-laiexefficiency and profitability possible. Performing laboratory tests in accordance with UNE, DIN, ASTM and ISO, relevant, clients may consider us as their own laboratory and part of the same company; expanding its view of the problem and saving substantial structural costs. TECHNICAL OFFICE Moreover, LAIEX department has a continuous improvement process, which is also available to our clients for possible advice and production facilities; such advice is needed from the auxiliary equipment, storage, automation and distribution lines, to the use of environmental regulations, transportation and security laws, discharges, or water purification. Following laiexECOLOGÍA ecology-line LAIEX environmental friendliness that has set in all new developments in the areas of emulsions for paints, construction and asphalt, and generally in all divisions of sectors and products; The ethoxylated alkylphenol surfactants have been replaced by more biodegradable emulsifiers. For this rule, we have standard products that meet these specifications. These are LAICRIL LAICRIL P-1456 and P-1206. LAIEX has integrated environmental authorization (IPPC), being scrupulous in reconciling productivity with integrated management of resources and waste, using new technologies to find cleaner alternatives, and therefore more environmentally . LAIEX technology has highly qualified staff, modern facilities, personalized service and genuine desire.

About us thoroughly! And together we achieve the best results for our own fulfillment and for our companies.

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