LAIEX, determined to “clear ideas in the fuzzy environment” that is being experienced in recent years, and noting that the current philosophy of the industry is focusing its attention on other raw materials base, leveraging its resources in other sectors; LAIEX opts for the coatings sector, raising the dedication to their clients and putting their laboratories serving the same, thus customizing the technical team that composes globalizing and integrating their services. LAIEX is a company of national capital with full production capacity in Spain, Brazil and Germany. The diversity of production plants is due to the loss of competitiveness that occurs when water based emulsions, distances are exceeded 1000 km between the production plant and the end customer. Thus LAIEX manages to be one of the largest producers of emulsions and compounds in the automotive, paints, construction, textile and asphalt. To these sectors, acrylic copolymers produced LAIEX (LAICRIL®), vinyl (LAIVIL) and styrene-butadiene (LAITEX®). In our laboratories is necessary instrumentation for performing a wide variety of technical tests performed on various types of coatings. Qualified pinturas-laiexresearch and development of new products, a demanding quality control in our production processes, enforcement department to work closely with our customers, conducting surveys and measurements of the required specifications, while maintaining the utmost respect Personnel the environment. paintings-laiexLAIEX as specialist on styrene emulsions, include your product LAICRIL P-1453 as higher volume emulsion in its turnover. This product is synonymous with trust, stability, quality and performance. 40 years of experience behind us, have made LAICRIL P-1453, in the last decade, a sure guarantee for any decorative coatings company. In our catalog you can find a wide range of on styrene emulsions as a central hub LAIEX specialization. Starting from LAICRIL P-1453 types are prepared for PVC paints formulated with high and can improve the costs of the final formulation combining excellent wet rub resistance with high shear stability in products also have APEO free. These products belong to the LAICRIL P-1400, highlighting the LAICRIL P-1446 and P-1458 LAICRIL. In elastomer applications for elastic coatings for facades and terraces; where the highest quality is required to withstand climatic factors, LAIEX has developed a range of APEO-free and UV resistant with a high adhesion to all substrates and very low water absorption styrene acrylic emulsions. The latest addition to our catalog LAICRIL was the P-1225. This emulsion has a high adhesion to nonporous substrates, with an absorption well below the market standard water resistant to high temperatures reached when subjected to shear and APEO free ammonia. This level of development has been possible to reach it by adding our technical department, engineering department and renewed specialized instrumentation, which has placed our production plant from one of the most modern and efficient in Europe, with sufficient capacity to serve the market widely national and a significant part of the external coatings market.


LAICRIL P-1453 When talking about LAICRIL P-1453, a clear reference is made to the flagship product catalog LAIEX emulsions intended for the paint industry. The word that best defines the product LAICRIL P-1453’s warranty. The reasons for this confidence is granted; one hand remaining on the market for many years, which supports it as one of the reference product in the world of raw materials for water-based paints, and secondly its versatility in formulation. research-development-innovation-laiexLA IMPORTANCE OF STABILITY The many years of experience in the sector LAIEX waterborne coatings, we have demonstrated the importance of the stability of the paintings during the storage period. One of the most important features of LAICRIL P-1453 is showing stability in any type of formulation. The P-1453 LAICRIL allows working in a wide range of pigment volume concentration of the formulations, obtaining a viscosity performance of these coatings substantially linear over time. Furthermore it should be noted the excellent performance of LAICRIL P-1453 compared to calcium ions, allowing us to ensure the stability of paints formulated and / or diluted with water with an average degree of hardness. When manufacturing the paints must be emphasized that the LAICRIL P-1453 has an excellent stability against mechanical actions or shear forces occurring during manufacturing, thus stirring speed as the addition of minerals of high granulometry. Universality in the formulation Another of the most notable features of LAICRIL P-1453 is the versatility of using the product. This universal behavior can be formulated with a variety of additives, mineral fillers, pigments, coalescing, etc … On the other hand this diversity gives us the opportunity to work in a wide range of pigment volume concentrations ranging from formulation interior paint with high percentages of pigment concentration by volume to the formulation of coatings for floors with high resistance to abrasion. Given its good compatibility with potassium silicate coatings can be formulated emulsion silicate façade. Resistance to atmospheric agents Exterior coatings are continuously subjected to various weather conditions, sudden changes in temperature and relative humidity, solar radiation, freezing and thawing; so the formulator of waterborne coatings for walls and ceilings in exterior needs a product that guarantees good paintings comporta¬miento against these adverse conditions. Thus LAICRIL P-1453 is a perfect answer you linked to all these requirements. For all these properties we can speak of LAICRIL P-1453 as a product with full guarantees on all waterborne coatings formulations. LAICRIL LAIEX P-1225 in response to the increasingly high demands required for waterproofing coatings, has developed a product LAICRIL P-1225. This is an emulsion of acrylic esti¬reno waterproofing elastic nature to formulate coatings, noted for its excellent wet adhesion on different substrates commonly used in the construction industry. The main applications of LAICRIL P-1225 are the formulation of coatings for waterproofing roofs and terraces, elastic waterproof coating to protect facades and anti-fissure sealants pin¬turas. The emulsion LAICRIL GRIP P-1225 has a very good adhesion tests performed both dry and wet substrates as diverse as cement, Catalan rasilla, glass, etc. In wet testing, the results are extremely positive both in total immersion in water the coated substrate and in partial immersion, the latter causes a capillary Calidad Medio Ambiente Latex Laiex1water rise. On the other hand, note the low degree of fouling coatings formulated with horizontal LAICRIL P-1225 over other market emulsions intended for the same application. Another outstanding feature of LAICRIL P-1225 is the low water absorption of properly formulated waterproofing in immersion tests. RESISTANCE TO FOREIGN addition to the tensile tests formulated cosmeti-ledge with LAICRIL P-1225 have a very good relationship between elasticity at break and breaking strength. When testing ace¬lerado thermal aging of paints formulated with the emulsion LAICRIL P-1225, only a minimal loss of elasticity which is commonly seen in these types of coatings is observed. From waterproofing emulsion made LAICRIL P-1225, it is worth mentioning its excellent resistance to aging caused by UV radiation Environmental Quality Latex Laiex1. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY LAICRIL P-1225 meets the immediate future expectations required for the formulation of coatings that respect the environment. Firstly because it is an emulsion with low levels of volatile organic compounds, secondly that is free of ammonia and alkylphenols etoxilados0 emulsifiers and thirdly to its low minimum film formation temperature, the P-1225 LAICRIL it is the ideal product for the formulation of coatings that meet the requirements of EU environmental regulation in 2010 in reference to the reduction in emissions of volatile organic compounds.


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