Laiex is one of only three European producers latex thermo formable car. It is the only producer in the area of cationic latexes for asphalt roads. It is the largest formulator butadiene latex and styrene acrylic in southern Europe. Your sales department covers all regions of Iberia (Spain and Portugal) In the international area covers five continents:

  • Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Greece, …
  • Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria, …
  • Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, …
  • India
  • Australia and New Zealand

International production plants

Laiex has undertaken a major process of internationalization, and today we can say that we are producing in Spain (Paterna), Italy, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Brazil.
LAIEX is a company of national capital with full production capacity in Spain, Colombia, Brazil and Germany. The diversity of production plants is due to areas-comerciales-laiexthe loss of competitiveness that occurs when water based emulsions, distances are exceeded 1000 km between the production plant and the end customer. Thus LAIEX manages to be one of the largest producers of emulsions and compounds in the automotive, paints, and commercial-laiexconstrucción areas, textile and asphalt. LAIEX S. L. It is located in the industrial area of Fuente del Jarro Paterna, in a great location next to the highway linking Valencia and Catalonia, Aragón-Basque Country, Madrid and Alicante. At the same time, it is 2 km. From the airport and the exhibition center of town and 12 km. Of the third European port container volume. Given a fuzzy market, profound and important changes, where internationalization and reducing services is the basis for finding a good economic returns, LAIEX SL remains true to its principles, in which the vendor client relationship must be tremendously narrow. In SL LAIEX laboratories, development of customized products for different companies in the industry are made; laboratories have pilot plant emulsion polymerization, gas chromatography, particle analyzers, rheometers measure minimum film formation temperature, instrumentation for testing the breaking strength and elasticity, wet abrasion test, glossmeter, reflectometer, measuring adhesion strength and aging resistance tests. 
The expansion of the production facility, the new facility and especially the new laboratories with all his art, has left me impressed.

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