As of 2013, LAIEX, SL has undertaken a major expansion of all its production lines, as well as laboratories, in order to continue meeting with reliability, quality and rigor of the technical and supply all our customers needs. Today paint manufacturers are working on improving their products, with the aim of having in its portfolio a range of special items, cutting edge and high added value. Therefore, from LAIEX, SL, strongly believe in the need to provide technical support, consulting, collaborating and conducting joint developments that allow the improvement and progress of both our products and those of our customers. So we’ve made a major expansion and a major servicio-tecnico-laiexrenovation of our laboratories, abasteciéndonos of the art technology, enabled a space of 800 m2, according to current market demands. Besides technology currently available, not least is the recent addition of technically trained professionals who bring their experience, reliability and professionalism in addition to highly qualified staff that we already had. technical-services-laiexPara each of the sectors in which it operates LAIEX, SL (14), we have a dedicated department, which in turn is part of the General Technical Department. Importantly, we have four polymerization pilot plant Laboratory, which facilitate the study and development of new emulsions, consistent with market needs. Therefore, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive service to all our customers. LAIEX, SL, is also carrying out works on the floor of Paterna (Valencia), for the expansion of production capacity, which will double the one we have today. Since our company are aware that this extension is a long shot, and still more by the new economic situation we live since 2008. But we also understand that the only way to consolidate our position as a manufacturer of reference for present and future given the continuous renewal and maintenance of our production facilities with the investment involved is the only way to ensure the continued quality of our products. These expansions we are talking about, allow us to be very nimble in the service, because as noted above, has doubled production capacity. But in addition to this increase, and since have incorporated several smaller lines, we are in a position to affirm that we are the company more flexible and automatic polymerization there right now, which allows us to cover all segments of the market. Along with the renovations mentioned, it is also making an important technical and economic efforts to promote sustainable chemistry to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future. This goal is achieved by optimizing the processes of recycling, reusing the most water and wastewater discharges. We employ physical and biological processes for the removal of VOCs. We use new technologies in the field of biodegradable polymers in order to find cleaner alternatives, and therefore kinder to the environment. It is important to note that since 2008, LAIEX SL has undertaken a major process of internationalization, and today we can say that we are producing in Spain (Paterna), Italy, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Brazil. Besides production plants mentioned, we have international presence with Distributors and Agents highly professional and technical, trained to respond in a comprehensive manner to all our customers in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Algeria, Czech Republic, France, Denmark , Colombia, Nigeria, Finland, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Portugal, England, N. Zealand, Turkey, Ukraine, P. Holland, Greece, Australia, Tunisia, Slovenia, Belgium, China, Estonia, Israel, India. LAIEX, SL is a family business that now has 44 years of history and as a result of growth and global reach, commitment to professionalism of its staff, being a key player in the strategic plan designed by the company to the next to 5 years. All this growth would not be possible without the loyalty and the trust that our customers in our work, for this reason LAIEX entire team, we thank wholeheartedly that give us confidence.



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