Laiex was established in 1970 and in its 40 years has been dedicated to the constant improvement (innovation) of technological processes and products, leading to society Laiex, SL to occupy a prestigious place in the European chemical industry and in many other countries outside.

The success of the company is due to the achievements of:

Making feedstocks styrene-butadiene latexes, acrylic and vinyl polymers.

Custom products.

And experience in application lines.

Laiex comprises:

Polymerization plants.

Plant compounds (custom formulations)

Offices engineering techniques and processes.

Our goal is to conduct research lines, development and innovation:

Polymerization of monomers.
Formulations specific to each application.
Manufacture of products to third parties, under specifications.
Provide support through counseling laboratory formulas, procedures, equipment and applications.

LAIEX, determined to “clear ideas in the fuzzy environment” that is being experienced in recent years, and noting that the current philosophy of the industry is focusing its attention on other preferences that carry a loss of technical and sales staff; LAIEX opts for the coatings sector, raising the dedication to their clients and putting their laboratories serving the same, thus customizing the technical team that composes globalizing and integrating their services.

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