Laboratorio Laiextecnico-quimico-investigacion-desarrollo_laiexToday manufacturers of products related to latex, acrylic polymers, vinyl and specific formulations, are working on improving their products, with the aim of having in its portfolio a range of special items, cutting edge and high value added. Therefore, from LAIEX, SL, strongly believe in the need to provide technical support, consulting, collaborating and conducting joint developments that enable continuous improvement, research, development or progress and ultimately innovation in both our products and the of our customers.


Nearest service and highly specialized

So we've made a major expansion and a major renovation of our laboratories, abasteciéndonos of the art technology, enabled a space of 800 m2, according to current market demands.
equip-humano-laiexservicio-tecnicoIn addition to the technology currently available, not least is the recent addition of technically trained professionals who bring their experience, reliability and professionalism in addition to highly qualified staff that we already had. For each of the sectors in which it operates LAIEX, SL (14 approx.), We have a specialized department, which in turn is part of the overall technical department. Importantly, we have four polymerization pilot plant Laboratory, which facilitate the study and development of new emulsions, consistent with market needs. Therefore, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive service to all our customers, based on the research, development and innovation in all our products.
The expansion of the production facility, the new facility and especially the new laboratories with all his art, has left me impressed.

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