Since 1970 LAIEX SL is located in Valencia, company at European level has its facilities with a polymerization plant and other plant compounds or formulations measures. The nearly 40 years of experience behind a LAIEX SL, are those who have taken to be present at the forefront of the polymerization, a necessary being internationally renowned companies, which has distinguished socio-do develop together with customers better performing products that are market-dards. In mid-2007, following a significant investment, the redevelopment of 17,500 m2 of new production lines, building research and development, and new application laboratories for better care of the nine industrial sectors were completed which is present LAIEX SL Service-tecnico3-laiexLAIEX S. L. It is located in the industrial area of Fuente del Jarro Paterna, in a great location next to the highway linking Valencia and Catalonia, Aragón-Basque Country, Madrid and Alicante. At the same time, it is 2 km.


From the airport and the exhibition center of town and 12 km. Of the third European port container volume. Given a fuzzy market, profound and important changes, where internationalization and reducing services is the basis for finding a good economic returns, LAIEX SL remains true to its principles, in which the vendor client relationship must be tremendously narrow. In SL LAIEX laboratories, development of customized products for different companies in the industry are made; cuen¬tan laboratories pilot plant emulsion polymerization, gas chromatography, particle analyzers, rheometers measure minimum film formation temperature, instrumentation for testing the breaking strength and elasticity, wet abrasion test, glossmeter, reflectometer, measuring adhesion strength and aging resistance tests. In addition to this expertise to the development of new emulsions and their application in the field of paints and building laboratory LAIEX SL has a quality control department do to ensure the technical specifications of all its products. The labs are open and willing to work together with our customers; technicians and staff are streaming technology centers in our facility. Since its inception the policy LAIEX SL was technically differentiated from their closest competitors by offering a continuum of process consulting, application development, industrial machinery, environmental, safety, transportation, storage … It is for the above reasons, what plant compounds is currently among the top three in Europe, highlighting as specialists in the field of mobile car técnica¬mente possibly the most demanding and constantly evolving technology industry.


Today LAIEX SL is part of an integrated by prestigious companies producing polymers based in Europe, Asia and Latin America International Technical Unit, with which participates in various research projects and innovation. This fact allows LAIEX S.L. be at the forefront of the latest technology and responsive to the changing needs of the market demands Painting and Construction. LAIEX SL has chosen in recent years to achieve a level of automation and technological innovation in their production processes, enabling it to provide greater control of mis¬mos and the highest quality of its products, thereby optimizing the resources. The production center LAIEX SL, we find one of the most sophisticated for removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from their facilities polymerization products. In its Streep, through a steam stripping system is able to reduce more than 80% the amount of VOCs present in the emulsions.

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