quimacova associationQUIMACOVA, stands for Association of Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Sector of the Valencian Community. We are a private non-profit organization whose main purpose is to provide services to detect, defend and support the needs of the Chemical Sector of the Valencian Community and the companies that comprise it. We represent companies located in Valencia whose activity is related to the chemical industry (related CNAEs: 19, 20, 21 and 4675). We aim to be a solid and recognized Association, an obvious institutional support and a professional structure delivered to structure and give credibility and image to a booming sector. We are determined to be a valid interlocutor of the Chemical Sector of the Valencian Community to the Government, Public and Private Institutions, Media and Society in general, defending and expressing their interests as mature and emerging sector. Today, after a career of over 10 years of relentless work and continuous effort, we have a greater representation of associates and we enjoy an excellent reputation both within the industry and outside it. We currently represent almost 30% of the number of companies that comprise the sector and 50% of its total turnover, that is 3,300 mill. €. One of the main goals we set for ourselves is to increase our number of partners to strengthen our representation, strength and leadership in the sector.

QUIMACOVA. United for Chemistry

Logo_Laiex_ENDesde the beginning of its foundation, LAIEX, SL, is proud to be an active member of the Association of Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Sector of the Valencian Community, QUIMACOVA, whose main purpose is to represent more than 120 of these companies of all branches of chemistry: basic, consumer and health, employing more than 4,000 workers and bring together a turnover of 3,300 million euros.



  • Represent and defend the interests before the Public Sector, regional and national authorities (through FEIQUE, of which we are members), other private institutions and society in general.
  • Promote the competitiveness of companies promoting the culture of R + D + i sector.
  • Keep companies updated on everything to which chemical legislation is concerned.
  • Support, promote and enhance the Internationalisation and Trade Promotion.
  • Promote the positioning of the sector as well as its communication and dialogue with society.
  • Stimulate the creation of quality jobs.
  • Encourage and promote appropriate and specific sectoral training sector.
  • Maintain and position the industry’s commitment for the environment and sustainability.
  • Leadership in the chemical sector


The Spanish chemical industry is a sector composed of more than 3,000 companies with a turnover of € 55,000 million, generates about 11% of the Industrial GNP and more than 500,000 direct and indirect jobs of quality. The entire chemical industry of Valencia is formed
for nearly 445 companies representing 15% of Spain, 10% of Spanish chemical sector employment (12,024 people) and 8% of net revenues.

One sector that is growing daily …

In Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Industry Association of Valencia, QUIMACOVA and represent more than 120 of these companies all branches of chemistry: basic, consumer and health, employing more than 4,000 workers and coalesce revenues 3,300 million euros.



Access to aid and managed by the Association at regional, national and European subsidies. Access to technical information and updated bibliography sector. Access to methodological guides developed by QUIMACOVA. These guidelines are intended to support the various departments of the member companies, being published at the time that some common or specific need is identified, depending on the legislative situation. We have published such specific guidelines as export of products and technologies Dual-Use, SDS for mixtures according to REACH / CLP, Tax Deductions for Investments in Environmental matters, Innovation Management, etc. Receiving monthly digital newsletter INFORMS QM. Access Forum Chemical Sector of the Valencian Community. Access to Information Network i-CREO (Center Network Strategic Reflection Opportunity Innovation).

This covenant made with AGS entity aims to provide a direct tangible savings value to our partner companies. It is based on the philosophy of combining with one supplier headings of horizontal and uncompetitive business expenses, so that a significant discount obtained in the same leveraging economies of scale. The advantages of this Alliance Cost Containment is that it requires investment, provides a guaranteed price improvement, provides safety and quality, providing lower costs and increased profitability, saving management costs and working on a framework of total quality to generate greater reliability and confidence. It is exclusively for partners Quimacova, as only associated companies can join.

Participation in working groups organized by the Association on topics of specific and general interest. Participation in projects implemented by QUIMACOVA. Promoting Internationalization through joint participation in missions abroad. Access to innovation programs by developing QUIMACOVA Plans Competitiveness of the Chemical Sector of the Valencian Community towards continuous improvement.

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