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Laiex “Innovate Sme”

LAIEX obtains the label “Innovative Sme” issued by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness We are pleased to inform you about the obtaining of a new recognition, the seal of “Innovative Sme”. This seal confirms the quality of services and products offered by LAIEX in our over 47 years operating as a [...]

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Laiex spring football match 2017

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Merry Christmas 2015. Confidence is the feeling of disbelief

"For every ton of emulsion, an illusion" Confidence is the feeling of disbelief even in times of uncertainty, thanks for trusting us. Happy Holidays!!

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LAIEX wishes you Merry Christmas

Thanks for sharing the illusion of commitment, Thanks for allowing a new world of opportunities. "For every ton of emulsion, an Illusion"

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LAIEX and QUIMACOVA Association

QUIMACOVA, stands for Association of Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Sector of the Valencian Community. We are a private non-profit organization whose main purpose is to provide services to detect, defend and support the needs of the Chemical Sector of the Valencian Community and the companies that comprise it. We represent companies located in Valencia whose [...]

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A stroke of Laiex

DIVISIONS AND SECTIONS Over 40 years of experience behind a LAIEX, the company has introduced and established in different sectors derived from water based polymers manufactured at its facility in Valencia. Establishing their product lines and service in four divisions, aiming to adjust in each, to the needs and market requirements. DIVISION I (AUTOMOBILE AND [...]

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Laiex, proven experience

Since 1970 LAIEX SL is located in Valencia, company at European level has its facilities with a polymerization plant and other plant compounds or formulations measures. The nearly 40 years of experience behind a LAIEX SL, are those who have taken to be present at the forefront of the polymerization, a necessary being internationally renowned [...]

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Clear ideas in a fuzzy environment

LAIEX, determined to "clear ideas in the fuzzy environment" that is being experienced in recent years, and noting that the current philosophy of the industry is focusing its attention on other raw materials base, leveraging its resources in other sectors; LAIEX opts for the coatings sector, raising the dedication to their clients and putting their [...]

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