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Servicing of Laiex acts in all matters relating to research, development, and industrial applications such as office and engineering projects. Services include:

  • Technology latexes: acrylics, vinyl, PU and SBR
  • Laboratory compounds: Development of specific formulations
  • Applications Lab: Personal and equipment to solve the problems encountered in industrial applications
  • Laboratory Monitoring: To test and monitor periodically made to our customers
  • Supplementary Lab: To facilitate developments aimed at increasing the performance of our products
  • Technical Office: For industrial application lines, and auxiliary machines process
  • Office Consultation: Advice and assistance on policy, environment, security, transport and storage
  • International Technical Connections: Dating and Technology Centers advisory approval
  • Periodic our customers to enhance mutual understanding and achieve appropriate solutions visits
The expansion of the production facility, the new facility and especially the new laboratories with all his art, has left me impressed.
Julián, Quimacova.org

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